Aerolab was founded in Italy, in 2001, by Francesco Rizzi, a now-retired Airbus Captain for Alitalia and an EAA member since 1989.  After the first rumors of the new Sport Pilot Rule began to circulate, Francesco developed the idea, concept, and design of the Sport Camper Family of aircraft, with the LoCamp proof of design presented at EAA Air Venture 2006.  At Sun-N-Fun 2016, an FAA approved, kit built, production LoCamp was on display.  This unique and beautifully finished aircraft is matched with the 7 cylinder, R-2800 Rotech radial engine.  The combination of the open cockpit design and radial engine creates a truly singular and intimate flying experience between pilot and aircraft.


The Aerolab mission is to produce charming flying machines, with a soul as standard equipment.

When the Sport Camper Family of aircraft is fully developed, it will be possible to choose between three different aerodynamic layouts: the low wing LoCamp, currently complete with kits ready for shipment; the parasol wing HiCamp; and the biplane BiCamp. At this time, only the LoCamp production kit is available as an Experimental Amateur-Built, Sport Pilot-eligible kit.

These aircraft may look romantic and evoke a feeling of nostalgia for the days of open cockpit, stick and rudder flying, but under the skin they are a thoroughly modern, state-of the-art flying machine.   All parts are CAD-designed and manufactured using state of the art CNC/laser cutting equipment for exact tolerances, ease of assembly, and a perfect finish. A review of the data and specification sheets will support our belief in the unique quality of the aircraft.


We believe our concept, attention to detail, and the overall quality and value of our aircraft is a combination of elements that is designed to enhance your ultimate flying pleasure.


Aerolab.  For Lovers of Old-Fashioned Aircraft.