Flush Mounted Filter

This new flush mounted Filter unit has been designed to be installed inside the RV/F1 style fuselages but it can be installed on may other types of aircraft.


This filter unit can be installed on each of the lines coming from the wing fuel tank (double filter installation)  or installed just before the electric fuel pump (single filter installation).


Since the unit has been pressure tested up to 100 PSI  (0,7 MPA)  will be no problem when installed in a pressurized section of the fuel system.


The fuel filter is a 50µm  stainless steel screen, and it can be easily serviced, cleaned and, if necessary, replaced.

A locking button (red) prevents the inadvertent opening or loss of the cap in flight.

A dedicated valve is designed to interrupt the flow of the fuel from the tank (s) when servicing the filter.

A drain valve is installed in the cap.





Part#  RR02 Filter Gascolator: $ 280

Part#  RR02.01 Spare Filter: $ 25

Part# RR02.02 Spare O Ring Kit $ 5

Part# RR02.03 O Ring Grease 1 cc $1.50

Part#  RR02.X9: Steel Drilling Template: $ 10

* AN822 Elbow Fitting not included



Filter Unit Pn RR002 - Installation Manual
RR002 -Installation Manual_Rev.01.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.8 MB
Filter Unit Pn RR002 - Owner's Manual Rev. 05
RR002 -Owner's Manual_Rev.05.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.3 MB

Electric Carb. Heater (Ø 40 mm Bing)

 This electric carburetor heater has been designed for the ROTEC R2800 radial engine but can also be installed on any standard Ø40mm Bing carburetor.


 The purpose of the heater is to keep the temperature of the carburetor at around 43° F (6° C) to avoid ice crystal accumulation in the butterfly zone.


Volt: 12 DC

Amp: 12.5

 The unit consists of an aluminum collar supporting three heating elements controlled by two thermostatic switches.


A three position switch allows the continuous and automatic operation of the unit.


A special adapter on the butterfly shaft  supports a 1/8" UNF sender unit for remote temperature control.


Before the heater can be installed, a standard 2.438 In (62 mm) air filter, like KN R-1380 or similar.


Part# RR01 Elec. Carb. Heater Ø 40 mm: $ 190