Nieuport 17- Full Scale Replica

The Nieuport 17 was a French sesquiplane fighter designed and manufactured by the Nieuport company. During its service in the First World War, the type's outstanding manoeuvrability and excellent rate of climb gave it a significant advantage over its contemporaries. The Nieuport 17 was an enlarged and reengined development of the earlier Nieuport 11, being more powerful and slightly larger than its ancestor. 

This is one of the aircraft that equipped the famous "La Fayette Escadrille", the U.S. volunteer unit constituted in 1916 under French command to came forth to help France during World War I


We designed a full scale Ni-17 replica starting from the original drawings.

The aim was to create a replica as close as possible to the original without being a true "reproduction" but an aircraft easier to build and fly, without all the negative characteristics of the original one.

Among the deviation we took form the original, we may remember a different wing profile, a safer fuel tank, better restraint belt, wheel brakes and, of course, a modern radial engine.

Many parts are CNC machined, including most of the plywood and wood beam.


- Lenght: 5.9 m (19 ft 4 In)

- Wing Span: 8.16 m (26 ft 9 In)

- Empty Weight: 300 Kg (661 Lbs)

- Maximum Take-Off Weight: 465 Kg (1,025 Lbs)

- Engine: Verner Motor Scarlett 7U (124 BHP (91 kW) @ 2300 RPM

- Fuel Tank: 80 l (21 US Gal.)